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I'm Melia (muh-LEE-uh). "Why 'Melia?'" you ask. "That's not really your name is it?" Well, it's not my first name anyway. It's my middle name and I like using it. Anyway, around here you'll find links to other sites I've done, blogs I write in, people I love, and places I visit.

If you clicked over here from Matt the Cat's website and are wondering who the hell I am, I created the main image and layout of the site for him. He's our furry leader, right XM fans? So when he asked if I'd sort him out with a little web help I was more than happy to oblige.

Stop by TCZ and meet loads of cool people on this international, long-running Chat. Or, if you're like me and firmly entrenched in the world of Jack Bauer, stop by 24addict and read my recaps and observations on the current season if you are so inclined.

My kidlet would like me to point out her spanky website at minimelia.com. It's all about her. Deal with it.

Everything is pretty self-explanatory, so yeah, have fun!

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So who am I? Well I'm a mum with a beautiful daughter and I live, for the moment, in Nebraska, USA. I've moved around a lot throughout my life because my parents worked in broadcasting, and I count my times in California and England as some of the best of my life. I have a gorgeous sister called Kelly and a demonic-but-lovable cat called Spooky.

I currently work as the Web Editor for my city newspaper, The Independent.

I'm also terribly, horribly addicted to 24 and Buffy, Angel and Firefly and movies are my life and the movie theater is my cathedral. Okay so that's me summed up in 100 words or less :) Click around, enjoy.

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"We got sick those days too but not for long cause our doctor the bartender soon fixed us up." - Charles M. Russell, Western Artist in a letter to a friend.

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