Yay weekend.

After an absolutely rotten day at work (not going into details – blogging about issues at work = bad) I’m relieved to be at home. Been a long time since I’ve been that angry. Oh and normally, the smell of chili cooking is lovely. Ten or eleven crockpots cooking chili all morning with the heavy, meaty, spicy, pungent aroma drifting around you for hours on end – not so nice. Right now I could go the rest of the year without having to smell that again.

Ok shutting up about work. My bathtub’s done – yay! After two weeks of yicky baths I’m finally able to take showers again. I took the longest one ever the other night and it felt goooood.

What else is going on… I’m finding it a challenge to take an interesting photo every day. It’s difficult because frankly, my life is a lot of routine dull stuff. Nothing that makes for dramatic daily pix. Ah well. I guess those of you checking that blog will have to put up with more shots of my laptop, my groceries and my cute kid and cat.

Going to be moving soon as well I hope. I’m on the prowl for a small house or duplex closer to the kid’s school. I can’t go much higher in rent so I doubt where we end up will be a dream home or anything, but hopefully it will be better than where we are now. It was fine when I came back from England, but it’s just too small now and too far away from the school, the rellies and other things. So far the pickings are slim so this may take some time.

Oh and I chickened out of doing NaNoWriMo. Ah well.