Goodnight Laceygirl

My sister called me to let me know that Lacey died tonight. I don’t know what to write. I’m sad. I should probably explain who Lacey is, was, rather. She’s a cat. But she’s more than that. We took her in when I was still in high school, and she was maybe a year or so old. She had been a stray so we’ll never really know her exact age.

But she became part of the family. We named her Lacey because Dad was a big Cagney & Lacey fan back then and it seemed to fit the little grey furball. Mom was always her favourite though. She was the only one Lacey would cuddle up with. She grew up an indoor kitty at our place in Monterey, and then moved with us to Nebraska. She tolerated the dog (named, well, Cagney. Hey, I didn’t name them) and ruled the house.

When Mom passed away, my sister Kelly took her in and Lacey went with Kelly back to California after she graduated from UNL. She tagged along when Kelly moved to London, and then back to California when she came home, and she was there with Kelly when she drove across the country to D.C. with all her stuff and Lacey.

We were (and still are really) always impressed by Lacey’s longevity and good health. But tonight she just… I don’t know, gave out. My sister was home, and was holding Lacey when she closed her eyes for the last time and I can hardly see the keyboard to write this. Poor Kelly 🙁 She’s very upset. I mean, it was kind of expected. Lacey hasn’t been doing well the past couple of months, but it’s still… Well I’m going to stop there. I’m just glad Lacey had such a long life, surrounded by people who loved her even when she was horking up hairballs and tearing around the house in the middle of the night for no reason whatsoever. She was an awesome kitty.

I found a few pix of her. My scanner’s out of commission atm, so I had to take pix of the pix. Anyway, Love you Laceygirl.

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  1. :o( Super sorry to hear about Lacey. I know how it feels to lose a pet that means so much and has been there through so much. I am glad she went in your sister’s arms. Maybe she finally let go knowing Kelly has Matt now to watch over her.

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