Happy birthday Kidlet!

Except I guess you’re not such a kidlet anymore. Seventeen. The big 1-7. You are now allowed into R-rated movies without adult supervision. Congratulations! 🙂

Man. I can’t believe I have a 17 year-old daughter. Seems like yesterday that you were parading around in pigtails and your Disney princess jammies. I remember your first steps when you awkwardly toddled from one side of your playpen to the other. I love the funny way tiny kids walk, and yours was no exception. It was freaking adorable.

I remember how you were a very good little sleeper. No fussy nights for you. But you would refuse to take naps when all the other kids at daycare did. So you were up all day, and in bed by 7:30pm. Which is probably why you slept all night. Thanks for that 🙂

I remember when you FINALLY learned to ride a bike. Or when you and Grammy would be snuggled up watching telly. I learned to love Rugrats because you loved it so much. I just couldn’t do the Barney thing though, sorry. I remember you having a blast when you figured out how to stand on your head. Couldn’t keep you off it 🙂 Then you started school and loved it so much. New friends (some you still have!) and so many things to learn. I loved seeing you become a voracious reader – moreso than I ever was, and I’m pretty voracious.

We’ve had some rough times and some fun times. Lots of changes. Lots of sad stuff.  But lots of the good too. And for me, there is nothing more fun than hanging out with you and just being silly. I’m glad we still do that. I’m glad you still give me hugs and that I can tell you “I Love You” every single day.

You’re a phenomenal person kiddo. I love you very much, and I hope you had a happy birthday.