Today is the first day of 2011 and though I have neglected this blog for some time, I keep it going because I never know when the mood will strike me to post something non-work, non-silly thing-related.

In 2010, it was a nice year, until the end when I lost my beloved grandfather. I don’t know if I can properly convey how much I love my Grampa and how horrible it is without him in my life now. Many people have told me how lucky I am to have had him as part of my life for so long. Many people’s grandparents died before they had a chance to get to know them.

I know I’m lucky. He once drove all night with my beloved Aunt to rescue my daughter and me from an evil ex-husband and his wicked family. He used to drive a little train for the kiddies at the local zoo and loved it. He loved nothing more than bragging on his family to anyone who’d listen. When he hugged you you could feel it down to your bones – those are the best kinds of hugs. If you wore glasses he’d smudge them all up hugging you. I loved teasing him about that.

He always had a million things in his front shirt pocket. Combs, pens, glasses case. When I was younger, I used to love taking one of his combs and fiddle with his ‘bohunk swirl’ he always had in his hair. He always called us grandkids and great-grandkids his ‘Sweet-horts’ and he always let us know how proud he was of anything we did. He’d listen to you blather on and never made you feel like he was just waiting for his turn to talk, or talked over you or made you feel like you were boring him. He was always reading a book – something picked up in the grocery checkout line or from Goodwill. He just loved to be reading.

The night he died… well, I’m not going to write about that. It was awful and I’m not sure I want that night to be my most vivid memory of him. I am glad that Shannon and I were with him, but I am angry at myself as well. I wish he could have pulled through like he always did and was able to celebrate Christmas with us. I love you Grampa and I miss you so much.

But though the year did not end well, the rest of it was all right. We got to spend time up in Montana with my dad and his lovely wife. It was gorgeous up there in October – we got lucky with the weather. I got to know Great Falls a bit better and show some cool pictures. AND I got to experience Wi-fi at 30,000 feet. Thanks Delta! 🙂

My sister and her hubby came to Nebraska, courtesy of my Gran and so we spent time with them at the first Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island. That was great until I was overcome by some weird virus that made me so incredibly dizzy that I made quite a spectacle of myself at work. I was rescued, once again, by my Grampa who drove me to the ER and sat with me in the room for hours and helped me get home after. I spent a week feeling like I was constantly room-spinny drunk and it was one of the most awful feelings in the world.

Things at work have been fine. The classic battles of new media vs. old media rage on. I’ve had some days when I lost some of my love for my work, but that’s probably normal.

My daughter is flourishing and becoming more and more independent and strong. I couldn’t ask for more, even if sometimes it hurts a little to let her grow up. She’s a redhead now and she looks awesome 🙂 This year she suffered through her first breakup and it was pretty rough on her, but I’m amazed at how she handles herself. I’ve got a keeper, that’s for sure 🙂 She’ll finish her sophomore year at college this Spring and she’s talking about grad school which makes me insanely happy. In April, we’ll be off to see the Cirque du Soleil. Her first time, my third. I can’t wait!

What’s left… love life? I am still with Ernie. Just over two years now which is hard to believe, but very cool. It’s really nice, being loved. Warm and fuzzy-like 🙂

There was a lot more to 2010 (I’m a blonde now, for one thing), and a lot that was very much like 2009. Many days are pretty much ‘Get up, go to work, come home, watch telly or futz around the Internet, go to bed.’ I have developed a real interest in cooking thanks to the Food Network. I got sucked into several shows and now find myself collecting pots and pans and mixers and processors. I’ve learned how to make a nice risotto and hell, I’ve even fried chicken 🙂 You can keep up with my cooking machinations at Mmmm Good.

Even though this blog is neglected a bit, it doesn’t mean I’m not busy elsewhere on the Tubes. There’s my pro blog, my posterous, I like taking pix with Instagram, and of course, I’m on Twitter and Facebook.

So… resolutions for 2011? No. All I ever hope for every year is happiness and that no one I love dies. Didn’t quite make it through 2010 unfortunately on that second one and I’m afraid I’ll be a bit maudlin about losing Grampa for a while yet. But I hope 2011 is a good year for everyone I know and love, and for anyone who stumbles onto this neglected little blog.