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Monterey Bay Aquarium

Over the years, I’ve visited the Aquarium in Monterey several times. On this last trip back home, I took the kidlet again (her second visit. She loves it) and I shot a bit of video too. I took clips from some of our fave areas and stuck them together, added some moody shark/jellyfish/otter viewing music I made and voila:

I’ll have a full post about the trip coming soon. Promise.

Karavan of Dreams

So moving on…

This weekend, the kidlet performed with her tribal belly dance troupe at the city’s annual Ethnic festival (which is pretty much just a bunch of food booths and one or two places selling Native American stuff, along with all the educational stuff (Pro-life, pro-choice, Dems, Repubs, Library info) and some bouncy castles. And some bands and cloggers, and Highland dancers and belly dancers.

Here’s a couple videos of the belly dancers. The first one is the first song they did and the other one is four of the girls (including Shanster) dancing with their veils. I have more footage but man, youtube take forever to upload.