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A day at the park(s)

We did a wander around a couple of parks on this Day of the Zombie. Weather was cold and gloomy, but we enjoyed nonetheless. These were taken at Stolley Park and Pier Park in GI. My dad might want to note that the cool cave he told me kids used to play on has been cleaned up and reopened in all it’s fort-like glory πŸ™‚

My silly music mixes

Suddenly noticed a large influx of James Marsters fans dropping by here after someone posted a link to my Captain John Hart music mix on Livejournal. Helloooo JM fans πŸ™‚ I am a fan of old Spike there, and a while back I was having fun playing with Sony’s Acid Pro music mixing software. I made a bunch of mixes using some cool loops and some funky dialogue from Buffy, Angel, Torchwood, Bones and 24, which are four of my top 5 favourite shows. (The fifth being Doctor Who of course :))

Here are all the mixes if you want to check out some other ones. The Torchwood one seems to be going over well. These are really just a bit of fun. I hope you like them though. If you could ‘Right-Click and Save As’ to help me preserve bandwidth, that would be shiny πŸ™‚

Pretty in Pink

I’ve never been a “pink” person, but on a website it can be fun. I was going to stick with the blues, but I never really warmed up to it.

Anyway, yes I did some rearranging around here. Again. I got a wild hair last night around 9:30pm and decided that I needed more than one sidebar for all my junk. Since this blog is serving as my website, I needed a place to put all this stuff. And I’m sure no one really gives a toss but me, but I felt I needed to ‘splain.

So last night around 3am I was rudely awoken by the sound of hammers and rocks being chucked at my bedroom window which is right above my head and I was forced to flee. I don’t know who decided 3 o’clock in the morning was a good time to have a hailstorm, but who ever it was, I’d like a word.

I’m having mucho fun with the new camera that has so many settings I’ll never use them all. I took pictures of stuff in my house because I’m thinking of replicating (which sounds so much better than ‘stealing’) Dooce’s Daily Style posts. Not only can I practice macro photography, but as I was looking around last night, i realized, Hey, I have some neat stuff. Ok so I have some geeky stuff too. The up close and personal pic of a toy Dalek on my bookshelf may only interest Who fans, but I could also showcase a lot of my mother’s artwork I have hanging around.

If anyone’s wondering how I’m doing on the whole CherryPop story, I’m not doing so hot. I’m having motivation issues. I’ve written a few more ficlets and several attempts at starting the story (one of which is actually working for me) but I let myself get distracted. I’m wondering if I should just force myself to write. No internets, put the new camera away, unplug the Wii, no swimming (see? I do get out of the house on occasion) and write. Maybe start with 1 hour of writing and work up if I get on a roll. I keep thinking I’ve got to do it, and how cool it would be to actually finish it and the great sense of accomplishment I’ll have whether I publish it or not. And yet, something, some kind of block is going on in my head that won’t let me dig in and do it. I don’t understand it, and it’s pissing me off too.

So that’s where CP stands. I haven’t blogged as her either. Feeling guilty about that. Argh.

It’s Blue-flavoured

Thanks for the title idea GΓΌnter πŸ™‚ Blue-flavoured indeed. In fact, if you’re very sharp-eyed, you’ll see that this blog is fairly similar to this one. I figured I should start aiming for some uniformity in my little network o’sites and even *I* was sick to death of the brown Out on a Whim page. Yes, now redirects to the blog. Spiff eh?

Wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be to port all my Blogger posts into WordPress. WP makes it pretty damn easy actually. I did like Blogger, and I always will like it – but it had some stuff it lacked that I want in a blog and WordPress had what I wanted. I totally recommend Blogger for people who just want a place to put their thoughts down. And I’m still going to stick with it for 24addict. For now πŸ™‚

Anyway, I might still be missing some linky stuff that I should be able to sort out later and the archives are weird. Not sure how to fix those but they’re still accessible and readable, just not as blue-flavoured πŸ™‚

Anyway, tis bedtime. I’m currently reading “Proven Guilty” by Jim Butcher. And I’m reading the Psychology of Whedon too Mike πŸ™‚ Almost done with it in fact. But tonight I want to cuddle up with Harry Dresden.

It may seem a little bit strange

I’m doing it. I’m taking the plunge, and shifting this blog to WordPress. Things may be wonky for a while because I don’t know how easy or hard this is going to be. Please bear with me.

I’m sorry Blogger. I will always love you, but I need more right now. It’s not you, it’s me, I promise. I hope we can stay friends?