Angel Between the Lines auditions are coming soon

From the folks who brought you Buffy Between the Lines comes… Angel Between the Lines! Read the info below and consider joining an awesome team to produce or BE in this cool audio drama podcast. It’s gonna rock and I’m not just saying that because I co-wrote the first episode 😀

auditionsAngel Between the Lines is coming soon! The first season of Angel Between the Lines deals with the summer between AtS Season 3 and Season 4. Join the gang as they deal with Angel and Cordelia’s disappearances and stick around for the season finale: Angel – the musical! (We’re not even kidding). This season consists of 12 episodes and a lot of surprises along the way.

From the team that brought you Buffy Between the Lines comes the next fan-created audio drama sensation.

Auditions and crew signups start on March 7th – 21st, 2009

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Growing up

My little girl has a boyfriend.

I’m still waiting for that to sink in. She’s really quite tired of me grilling her about him but I have no basis of comparison for dealing with this. I never had a boyfriend in high school. Which makes me sound like quite the loser, hehe. On the contrary, I was liked well enough and once the braces and glasses came off I wasn’t too dorky-looking. But either people thought I was Meechie’s girlfriend (my best friend; we were joined at the hip) and didn’t know he was actually gay, or they just weren’t interested in the girl with multi-colored hair in Docs and leather.

My high school experience is so vastly different from my daughter’s. I often find myself floundering on how to react to situations with her. Like her new boyfriend. They’ve only been going out for a week, but have had one formal date (complete with gown and everything) and then tonight she spent the evening at his house watching Repo! and playing Guitar Hero.

I spent the evening hoping she wouldn’t have sex.

Because, you know, I told her not to.

I have to tread carefully here. Sure I joke with her about the not having sex and telling her I’ll be checking for hickies when she gets home, but I don’t want to put a damper on her first boyfriend either. I mean I don’t want her to look back one day and not remember him but instead remember me constantly grilling her about him and telling her not to have sex. Your first boyfriend is special, and hopefully she’ll have nice memories of him one day.

I’m also starting to really feel as if a change has happened with her when I wasn’t looking. It’s been so gradual that I didn’t even notice that she’s not really a kidlet anymore, but a young woman. She’s beautiful and smart, level-headed and so excited for her future. She’s nothing like I was at her age. I coloured my hair every week, wore a lot of black, rebelled like crazy and all I cared about was hanging out with my friends at Denny’s. I lacked something that she has in spades.

Soon she’s going to head off to college. Something I still thought of as years away is literally just months away now and if I let myself think about it too much, it stings. Don’t worry, I’m not going to tie the apron strings tighter or anything. Of course I will let go and hope that I’ve done enough for her to let her make it on her own just fine. But I dread it. I can’t help it. My tiny apartment will seem so empty and huge without her around all the time.

To anyone reading this with very young children – ohhh cherish every single moment, good and bad. Capture as much as you can on video or photos. Blog about them. Because it’s over all too quickly and this little person you’ve had in your life for 18 years will grow up and move away one day and you won’t know what hit you. I hope you have a significant other of some kind – be it best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or husband/wife to lean on when the time comes to let them out into the wild. You’re going to need it.

My silly music mixes

Suddenly noticed a large influx of James Marsters fans dropping by here after someone posted a link to my Captain John Hart music mix on Livejournal. Helloooo JM fans 🙂 I am a fan of old Spike there, and a while back I was having fun playing with Sony’s Acid Pro music mixing software. I made a bunch of mixes using some cool loops and some funky dialogue from Buffy, Angel, Torchwood, Bones and 24, which are four of my top 5 favourite shows. (The fifth being Doctor Who of course :))

Here are all the mixes if you want to check out some other ones. The Torchwood one seems to be going over well. These are really just a bit of fun. I hope you like them though. If you could ‘Right-Click and Save As’ to help me preserve bandwidth, that would be shiny 🙂


Ok, today is a brand new day, so far so good though I’ve only been up for half an hour. Yesterday was all right until this happened:

Half a freaking block from home these guys crunched into me. The corner we happened to meet on was sheer ice from recent snowfall and I can’t tell if they took it too fast or what, but suffice to say I was a little wigged. On top of this, there just happened to be a woman with a small child in a stroller not 5 feet away from where I was hit. What she was doing slogging through snow-packed streets in below-freezing weather I do not know but she disappeared right afterwards. I’m glad she and the kid were not hurt, but it would have been nice if she’d stayed as a witness.

But she was why I could not swerve to avoid getting hit when I saw the other car coming. *sigh*

It could have been worse, and any accident you can walk away from is okay, but damn if I’m not still kind of shakey. My back and shoulders ache, but I’m not sure if it’s related to getting hit or from being tensed up for the last 15 hours.

I’ve decided that if it’s a holiday, and it is snowing/has recently snowed, I will not get into any kind of vehicle and go anywhere. As my sister can attest, Christmas day, 2007, coming back to town during a light snow we got hit by an SUV who took a turn too fast and slammed into my door. I’ve decided it’s me, and I’m cursed or something. So for my family and friends’ safety’s sake, I will stay out of cars under those conditions.

Other than that it was an okay Valentine’s day. Unfortunately, the kidlet did not get to go to her educator conference in Denver because of the weather, but selfishly, I loved having her home with me.

Hung out a little with my honey too which was also very nice. I love every second we get together.

So it wasn’t all shite on V-Day I guess 🙂

Flying visit

Ohhh so much going on these days, which I’m totally not complaining about. I remember the days of moaning about how boring things were, so I will not be moaning about being too busy to blog 🙂

Just wanted to give the props to the kidlet who has scored a scholarship worth 56k over four years to Tulane University. We are both thrilled by that. Unfortunately, I don’t think Tulane will end up working out, mostly because the programs they concentrate one (medicine and law are the main ones I believe) are not areas she’s interested in. She wants to be a teacher. We’ll explore their education track but I’m not sure Tulane will be the right fit.

And I can’t believe I am actually able to say such a thing 🙂 I’m so proud of my kid.  I know I must sounds like a tedious mom always bragging on her child, but oi, it’s my blog 🙂 And she deserves mucho props.

So, encouraged as we are by Tulane’s very generous scholarship offer, she’s going to go ahead and apply for some other schools around the country, preferably ones that off good education programs, and just see what sorts of things they might offer. I think UNK down the road from here is still her top choice, but maybe the scholarship offer we just got will help us sort of negotiate some more financial assistance for her there. 56K would totally cover all her costs at UNK whereas it would not at Tulane and the less she is saddled with student loans, the better.

So that’s one happy aspect of the life of Steph right now. I’m still working in this rough economy. *phew* And yes, still happily in love with the boyfriend. Unfortunately for my Twitter list, we’re sort of in that mushy, googley-eyed phase and I’m sure I’ve sickened at least half of my tweeps 🙂 Sorry guys but hey, you get to watch a beautiful love story unfold before your very eyes and how often do you get to do that 🙂 But yes, he makes me so happy and I’m just going to enjoy myself and not worry about whether I’m bugging people 🙂

Right, enough of an update for now. Will make more of an effort to keep this updated a little better in the future but if you know anything about me, I blog in spurts with the odd dry spell now and again.

The Finest Student

I’m taking a moment here to have a Proud Mom post for my daughter. Shannon is currently in the middle of doing the college app/scholarship app thing, and I want to share one of the glowing letters of recommendation her English teacher did for her. Am I bragging about my kid? Hell yes 🙂 it’s my blog, I’ll brag if I want to 😉 She deserves it ‘cos she’s pretty cool.

If words were wings, this letter would deliver itself. Such is the airy power of what i will share with you about the finest student i have encountered in 27 years in education. For there is a story being written here on the Plains, a hopeful prophecy of golden days ahead, the genesis of a singular life and manifold accomplishments that will matter – the life and future accomplishments of Shannon ______.

Truly, were you to know her, you would understand the force of nature she is as a writer, the compassionate observer of the needs of those around her, the gifted scholar who has done Promethean works at such a young age, and the precocious future educator destined to inspire those students fortunate enough to have her teach them in the decades to come.

To say that Shannon is exceptional and well-rounded is like blurting out that the Earth is a nice place to live – the understatement compels any would-be advocate to find a better, stronger way to create a picture of her true capabilities. And they are dazzling! How many students write a novel their senior year in high school while balancing the demands of coursework, involvement in over a half-dozen activities and clubs, and a nearly full-time job? How many consistently finish assigned work in rigorous academic classes and ask for ancillary enrichment reading to satisfy a thirst for deeper insight? These have been my experiences with this startling young woman.

I could rattle off a menu of her many accomplishments, medals won, competitions mastered and superior academic performances. I could list aperitifs such as her 32 score on the ACT and her leadership in the fine arts program and the clubs within our school community. However, my space is limited, and her resume is doubtless attached; thus, I choose penultimately to tell you that your committee has an opportunity to advance the education of the next Sexton, Bishop, or Browning. So strongly do I believe in the gifts God has given Shannon that I urge you to give her your strongest consideration. She already has my highest recommendation. Thank you.

You can tell it was written by an English teacher eh? Hehehe. I read this and was just filled with so much pride I thought I would burst. I mean, of course I already think highly of my amazing kid, but finding out that her teachers do as well is a really good feeling. She has two other, just as beautiful, letters from other teachers that make my heart sing.

It’s been a long road for Shannon and me. There were times when her grades weren’t so hot and it took some understanding to discover that when Shannon finds the work too easy, she finds ways to not do it. A lesson both of us needed to learn because I couldn’t grasp why my intelligent child would not be doing well in a class. One teacher (and this still pisses me off) in third grade wanted Shannon to be examined because she thought she might be ADHD because she was “daydreaming” a lot. I put my foot down on that and we came to discover Shannon was simply bored in this woman’s class.

Anyway, I’m extremely proud of my extraordinary daughter. I believe she will be one of those teachers that students always remember the rest of their lives.

I love you kiddo.