I’m still arsing about with the colours of this thing. I actually don’t know why i created a private blog. I think maybe the opportunity to create more than one blog was too great 😀

I’m not worried about updating this one so much but will try to use it now and again. Dunno who might stumble on it as it’s hidden and all, but anyone who views the source on my homepage will see it if they look close enough. Anyway, Just emailed a cute pic of the kid to Kelly. Might print it out aswell and hang in in my office. I caught her in mid jump in a bouncey castle at our healthfest this year. I like it 🙂

Fuck sake I hate blogger sometimes. This is being a real pain in the ass. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve typed out a fucking load of stuff only to have blogger lose it on the upload *grrrrr*!!!!.

I hate the colours of this template but I like the layout. Will have to fiddle some more if I can deal with blogger’s slowness. Hmmm..

Ok I think I got it right. Of course Blogger’s being a pain in the ass though. Slooooooow and loads of ‘page not found’ errors when i try to update my settings and template. I hate the colours of this template but I like the layout. Ah well, will just have to deal with it. Rah. I tried deadjournal but it’s too limiting. I can’t work out how to edit old posts so fuck that. I’d end up getting sussed out by the bitch brigade anyway.