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A lovely treat

Tonight I got to hear my daughter sing. I know to some that may not sound like a big deal, but for me, it is. She usually pleads shyness whenever I ask her to sing. Whether I’m belting out music in the car or just bopping around the house, she gets all shy and reticent.

But apparently the key was having her boyfriend ask her to sing for him. He had been asking her to sing for him too and she was playing the shy card with him as well, I think. But when she ran out of present ideas for his birthday, she decided she’d relent and record herself singing one of her favourite tunes: Russian Lullaby.

She downloaded Audacity and taught herself how to use it to create three versions of herself singing the same lines and layering them so it sounded like she was singing in a round. It came out fantastic and not only am I proud of her for doing it but as a geeky editor, I’m proud of her for creating and editing the whole thing herself.

I don’t have a really good way to record it and share it so I jerry-rigged some mics and earphones together on my craptop to make this AudioBoo. yes, she gave me permission to post it. I think she’s pretty proud of it too 🙂


A little nostalgic

I thought today might be a little rough. It’s the anniversary of the day my mom died. Logically I know that reminding myself of that isn’t the best way to ‘move on’ but it was a pretty horrible day and I don’t know that I’ll ever get over it really.

But instead of being a melancholy eejit all day, I had someone wonderful spend time with me and keep me quite cheerful and happy. It was lovely and I’m totally grateful to you for that honey. I told you that on Twitter, but I’m saying it here too. Thank you for being so awesome.

Speaking of awesome, he also took a walk down Nostalgia Ave today and twitpic’d a bunch of freaking adorable pics of him as a little boy that I’m still going, ‘Awwwww’ over. It put me in the mood to do the same. Luckily, I had to clean out our laundry room tonight (because I bought a washer and dryer – woohoo!! but that means one less storage spot for all my crap hehe) and found a few pics I figured I’d share.

They are: two pics of my beautiful mother from when she was in high school. Junior and Senior pix I believe; one of me with two of my cousins – I was 2 apparently, but man, totally thought I was older; and one photo booth strip of the kidlet and me. She looks about 3 in it so would have been ’93 or ’94.

Growing up

My little girl has a boyfriend.

I’m still waiting for that to sink in. She’s really quite tired of me grilling her about him but I have no basis of comparison for dealing with this. I never had a boyfriend in high school. Which makes me sound like quite the loser, hehe. On the contrary, I was liked well enough and once the braces and glasses came off I wasn’t too dorky-looking. But either people thought I was Meechie’s girlfriend (my best friend; we were joined at the hip) and didn’t know he was actually gay, or they just weren’t interested in the girl with multi-colored hair in Docs and leather.

My high school experience is so vastly different from my daughter’s. I often find myself floundering on how to react to situations with her. Like her new boyfriend. They’ve only been going out for a week, but have had one formal date (complete with gown and everything) and then tonight she spent the evening at his house watching Repo! and playing Guitar Hero.

I spent the evening hoping she wouldn’t have sex.

Because, you know, I told her not to.

I have to tread carefully here. Sure I joke with her about the not having sex and telling her I’ll be checking for hickies when she gets home, but I don’t want to put a damper on her first boyfriend either. I mean I don’t want her to look back one day and not remember him but instead remember me constantly grilling her about him and telling her not to have sex. Your first boyfriend is special, and hopefully she’ll have nice memories of him one day.

I’m also starting to really feel as if a change has happened with her when I wasn’t looking. It’s been so gradual that I didn’t even notice that she’s not really a kidlet anymore, but a young woman. She’s beautiful and smart, level-headed and so excited for her future. She’s nothing like I was at her age. I coloured my hair every week, wore a lot of black, rebelled like crazy and all I cared about was hanging out with my friends at Denny’s. I lacked something that she has in spades.

Soon she’s going to head off to college. Something I still thought of as years away is literally just months away now and if I let myself think about it too much, it stings. Don’t worry, I’m not going to tie the apron strings tighter or anything. Of course I will let go and hope that I’ve done enough for her to let her make it on her own just fine. But I dread it. I can’t help it. My tiny apartment will seem so empty and huge without her around all the time.

To anyone reading this with very young children – ohhh cherish every single moment, good and bad. Capture as much as you can on video or photos. Blog about them. Because it’s over all too quickly and this little person you’ve had in your life for 18 years will grow up and move away one day and you won’t know what hit you. I hope you have a significant other of some kind – be it best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or husband/wife to lean on when the time comes to let them out into the wild. You’re going to need it.


The kidlet had her first bellydance recital last night and it was wonderful 🙂 I love watching her dance. She really has a natural grace and beauty when she dances which surprises me because I am a clumsy oaf. So I’ve no idea where she gets it from.

The organizers said no videotaping during the performance – mainly so they could film it and sell the DVDs but hell with that. The entire program of fluffy tot ballerinas, bellydancer, cloggers young and old, and hiphoppers was 2 and half bloody hours long. Of that, Shannon was on stage for one song.

So I tried to be stealthy girl, only to discover later that quite a lot of other parents were stealthily filming their kids’ sections as well. Besides, I’m not exactly worried about the YWCA cops booting me out. I stayed for the whole show damnit 🙂

So here is my little girl, shining on stage 🙂 For those of you who know her, you might be able to pick her out (I had to sit near the back with my grandparents who are too wobbly to manage the downhill slope to the closer seats) but for anyone who doesn’t know her, she’s the second dancer to come out front and perform, wearing a green top, black skirt, and she’s the one spinning when the music changes to a faster tempo.

Looks like fun doesn’t it? If you listen closely, you can hear my gran ask me if I thought Shan was going to lose her skirt 🙂 This really worried her. Hehe.

ACT time

Shannon is taking her ACTs this morning. It feels like a bigger deal these days than it was when I was in high school (For those outside this area, the ACTs are like the SATs.) Of course, when I was in high school I had no plans to go to college so I didn’t really care about them. Oh I took the and everything but I didn’t try very hard and my results reflected that. What can I say? I was an idiot back then. School wasn’t important to me at all and I definitely paid for that line of thinking with years of struggle trying to find my footing.

All I cared about back then was hanging out with my friends. I wasn’t a bad student or anything – a B average with the occasional C or a dreaded D once (Math you know. I still suck at it.) I did well in language and arts classes. Not so well in Maths and sciences. And I wasn’t a “problem” student either. I only ever ditched once, got caught and learned my lesson.

But looking back, I realize I didn’t really take the whole school thing seriously. It was all about getting there and seeing my friends and having fun. It didn’t occur to me that you could take it seriously AND have fun. I dunno. I think I chafed a lot at restrictions my parents kept setting on me. Not that I blame them. I caused them a lot of grief. Was always grounded. At that time, my friends were more important to me than getting busted for sneaking out to hang with them.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to analyze my high school issues here. But it is interesting to watch Shannon go through high school. I always had some idea that she’d have her fair share of troublesome moments throughout high school. Hell, I had enough people get their rocks off telling me to “just wait until she’s a teenager” until I came to almost dread it. I think that sucks because at 16 – three years a teenager – she’s still a level-headed, smart girl. Not a podperson in sight. I try to give her opportunities to go out with her friends, but she rarely does. Her friends don’t seem to go out much either.

Not that there’s much for them to do around here. But they could think of something. I just asked her why she never goes out even though I’d let her and she replied, “Because none of my friends like to go out.” I don’t know what to make of that. The concept is alien to me.

But I’m not going to complain 🙂 And she takes high school a lot more seriously than I ever did. I’m probably a little to blame for that. I didn’t want her making my mistakes and wasting her potential and all those other cliched parental arguments. Because I see now, that my parents were right. I’m not a stupid person and I wasn’t stupid in high school either – but I did waste potential and I didn’t “apply myself” like I should have. I feel like it took me several years *after* high school to figure out what to do with my life.

Whoa. What an analytical post eh? Anyway, the kidlet just left for the test, all bright-eyed (considering it’s a Saturday and she’s up earlier than she’d like) and ready. I hope she rocks it 🙂