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You may not know it from this blog, but I’m pretty active online. The problem is, I’m active in a bunch of different places, like Twitter, Facebook, Posterous, Audioboo, Twitvid, twitpic etcetera, etcetera.

(And shameless plug, but I’ve started a new website with my honey called Doodurls. What the hell is that? We thought it would be fun to collect the little things people doodle when they’re bored. We started it about a month ago, and in that time, so many people have sent us their doodles – and beautiful art – that we got noticed. We’ve been featured on TheNextWeb, Neatorama, College Humor, Entertainment Weekly, and we made it into the London Metro. Cool eh? It keeps us pretty busy.)

What I never seem to be able to do is find time to write here. So my quest is to find a way to incorporate all my various “lifestream” (I hate that term) stuff into this spot. Why is that important? It’s not. It’s just something I want to do. I’ll still post too, when I can. I have much to say about learning to live alone and watching my little girl make her first steps in the world. But until then, I want to corral as much as I can in one place.

In the mean time, might I suggest you check out the aforementioned awesome girl’s blog? Yesterday she gave blood for the first time ever, and she blogged the experience 🙂