Day: October 10, 2004

I’m a writer!

I think. Today my first-ever column has been published in the paper šŸ™‚ I’m so freaking excited I could just spit. I’m already planning to buy a scrapbook and extra copies to send to friends and relatives. How sad is that? Hehehe.

I know it’s just a small city newspaper and I know the column is buried in the bowels of the Sunday paper in the ‘Stay Tuned’ TV listings section but damnit, that’s my name in glorious Times New Roman black ink that rubs off on your fingers. Those are my words in print that 50,000 people in and around my city might read.


Man oh man. I’m going to work tomorrow with a huge grin plastered all over my face. I know no one there will think it’s a big deal. I’m sure everyone there at one time or another has been published in the paper. I’m not quite sure why this feels like such a huge deal to me, but it does and I like the feeling.

And now I’d better get cracking on my next one šŸ™‚