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Well I caved. I ported 24addict to WordPress. Man the guilt is killing me. Poor Blogger. I threw it over for something shinier. Oh well. I wanted categories damnit.

It’s been a big job and there’s still tweaking to do, but this is the sort of stuff I love to do 🙂

Watched the Smallville finale. It was meh, even with James Marsters in it. I don’t think the writers are even trying anymore. I used to love this show. Somehow, somewhere along the line they lost the plot entirely and I stopped caring about the characters. And I loved Lex too but Rosenbaum isn’t given much to do other than talk menacingly to flunkies and taunt Clark. I was happy to hopefully see Lana finally go. I think that storyline should have ended a couple of seasons ago. And I just might be biased, but for what little he was in it, I thought James stole every scene he was in.

Ok, it’s been a weird week and I’m knackered, so bedski for me.

NPR Jack Bauer Feature

Well NET radio let me down 🙁

The Jack Bauer thing was supposed to air at 7:50am, which was perfect because you know, I only told everyone and their uncle to tune in and that’s right during drive time etc. Well, they began the piece, and then clunkily switched to a show about the stock market or something equally dull. Le sigh. It’s *supposed* to air one more time at 9:50am CST, but everyone will be busy working by then.

*grumble grumble*

Ah well, the feature piece is online now (which doesn’t do my luddite grandparents a lot of good, but there you go), so you can catch it there if you’re so inclined and I should just quit bitching. But I woke up Shannon so she could hear it. Imagine her grumpiness to have to wake up and listen to a stock market report 🙂

And they’ve put up a blog about it as well an you can comment on how freaky it is that DHS honcho Michael Chertoff is a fan of the show 🙂

NPR Interview

Just a quick note for now. I’ve been so busy! The NPR interview I did a few weeks ago for their “In Character” series on 24’s Jack Bauer will air on Monday morning (on St. Patrick’s Day! Go Irish!) I don’t have an exact time but I got an email from Pam Fessler yesterday saying it’s still scheduled for the 17th. If you happen to be listening to NPR Monday morning, feel free to point and laugh at how much I sound like a Kiefer Sutherland fangirl 🙂

UPDATE: Got another email from Pam on the times it will air:
“The Bauer In Character piece is scheduled to air Monday morning at 6:50, 8:50 and 10:50 Eastern time. That should probably be at 5:50, 7:50 and 9:50 CST (other time zones, you’re on your own. I don’t do math on Fridays.) If for some reason you miss it, it can be found on our website a few hours later at Just click on Programs at the top and go to Morning Edition.”

She says I’m in a little bit at the end and that it’s a six minute piece.