National Novel Writing Month

It’s coming up. I heard about it a couple of years ago from some fanficcers I knew and thought it was a good idea. At the time though I didn’t think I could manage it. Now Blogger seems to be making it easier and I’m actually thinking about doing it. Hmmm… need to think a bit more. I have til November 1st to decide if I can write a book in a month. I’ve got stories upon stories in my head but they’re all half-formed and vague. Maybe this would help give me clarity.

I’ve also got my next column to write 🙂 wheeee! It’s not due for a week or so and I’m 3/4ths of the way through it. Still totally digging it of course and I’m surrounded by such inspirational people at work (and at home. My kidlet’s pretty damn inspirational.) Ahhhh love my job.

Except tomorrow I have to go to the evil Remax realtors. Blech. Everytime I walk in that place to do my freakin’ job, the snooty lady there rolls her eyes as if I’ve just farted in her car or something. I’m there a grand total of four minutes (I timed it) to upload their pitiful listings (they’re a very teeny agency.) So I don’t know why she and her dorky husband think it’s some great issue whenever I show up. Ugh it makes the whole thing unpleasant.

I have to drive around to five agencies during the day to do their uploads and the other four couldn’t be nicer. They chitchat, occasionally offer me coffee. Not Remax. Ah well.. Apart from them I enjoy doing the uploads because I get to get into the ofice around 9:30 after I do three agencies, and leave around 4pm to finish the other two, one of which is right across the street from my home. It’s perfect 🙂 It gets me out of the office for a while which is sort of nice – only because I have to say my chair there is not so good and sitting on it for 8 hours a day is killing my back. Otherwise I like being there because the work and the people are a lot of fun.

Enough of that. What else is happening… The kidlet began volunteering at the hospital. She wanted to do it of her own accord, with no prodding from me or anyone else which I just think is so admirable of her. She’s not quite old enough to be a full-time volunteer so they let her help out in Skilled Care where she reads to the older folk there recovering and just generally visits with them. I think she likes it so far. She just rocks so much 🙂

Well I could go on, but my bed looks very appealing right now. I think I’ll go flop on it.