Day: November 21, 2004

Lazy day

I feel relieved. I just finished posting in my NaNo blog a concession that I won’t be making it to 50,000 words. I wish I could have but frankly, it felt like homework. By that I mean that the pressure to hit a quota everyday felt like I was back in high school with a huge book report hanging over my head. I didn’t like the feeling then, and I apparently don’t like it much now either. How can I tell a good story if I’m just writing to fill a quota?

Excuses, I know. Justification to make myself feel better for failing at this venture. Meh. It was completely voluntary anyway. I like the idea of it and I understand the purpose of NaNoWriMo to be sure and I think it’s great. But it’s not for me. But it did force me to think up a story I might actually be able to stretch into a book and I intend on continuing with it – but at my own pace.

So I feel relief now.

Today I spent a guilt-free day with my kidlet watching the original Star Wars trilogy back to back. Was nice 🙂 I hadn’t seen those in a while. It was cold and gloomy out today anyway so it was a perfect day to spend all cozy inside.

Yesterday my Grampa turned 80. Blimey. 80. And he still looks marvelous 🙂 We got him a moosh pillow and CD walkman. The other day he was telling me he couldn’t seem to find the time to listen to their CDs of Bill Clinton’s book because my Gran was always in the room with the CD player working on her jigsaws and he’d been thinking of getting a walkman (or as he called it ‘a cd player that you carry around with earphone.’ Hehehe.) And the moosh pillow he loves because it fits round his neck in his easy chair and he can relax without his head bobbing all over the place.

Moosh pillows rock btw. We got a couple for ourselves because they feel so good just to squish in your hands. I recommend everyone get one.

Anyway it’s getting late-ish and I’m so sleepy. Think I’ll head for bedfordshire. Gnight.