Shannon is trying to learn how to roll her R’s. She’s never been able to and I’ve never been able to satisfactorily explain how to do it. It comes easily to me. My gran can’t do it either. It’s been a longstanding family joke that she can’t and it amuses some of us to occasionally ask her to give it a try.

Shan’s never really expressed an interest in wanting to learn how to makes this noise until today when her French teacher teased her about her inability to roll her R’s. Ever since she showed up at work after school and told me she had been sitting in my breakroom attempting to do it it’s been nothing but rrrrrrrrrr’s all evening. My tongue is numb. But, it’s been hiLARIOUS because both of us were rrrrrrr-ing all around The Walmart as we shopped and on the ride home.

If you can’t imagine what we may have sounded like as we browsed the frozen food section, please play this MP3 about 150 times in a row 🙂 (Just do my bandwidth a favour and right-click on the link and save-as to your desktop, kthxbye)

That was 3 hours ago. She’s currently out in the living room watching Family Guy and making that weird little chirp like she’s trying to jumpstart her tongue. It’s most amusing 🙂