Day: January 29, 2008

I’ll never get used to it

The weather in this crazy state does my head in. Here is a sample of my drive to work this morning:

I took the footage thinking that we would probably do a story on the storm in the morning newscast and it would be nice to have some b-roll. And it did get used, which was cool since it’s the first time I shot video for the cast AND I used my little pink digicam to do it.

Then I went to lunch. I stepped outside, prepared to do battle with the high wind and blowing snow only to be blinded by clear blue, sunny skies. Le sigh. It’s still cold and windy, but it’s just weird to go from the wicked weather this morning to calm and sunny a few hours later.

If anyone out there on the Tubes has suggestions for a decent (and by decent I mean free) video converter that will convert .asf files into .mov files, can you email me or leave a comment or something? Or if you know why a Sony DXG 506v digicam doesn’t seem to come with the right codecs to display video shot in .mov format, can you let me in on the secret? I’ve googled til I can google no more and can’t figure out the issue and it’s the only thing about my little cam that pisses me off.