General blechiness

What a blechy weekend. I had big plans of shopping ’til I dropped (ok, actually I had plans of finding a vacuum cleaner and a Swiffer wetjet but ‘shop ’til I drop’ sounds better) and instead I found myself wondering if 5:30pm was too early to go to bed.

I got hit with a whopper of a migraine on Saturday. Woke up with the bastard and it maintained a steady drumbeat against my skull all day. When it finally began to ease up I was left feeling weak and sort of fevery. At least, I think I had a slight fever. My thermometer is broken. All I know is I went from chills to sweating, all day yesterday and I had zero energy to do anything.

So now it’s Monday and in waking up 45 minutes before the damn alarm I discover that I’m still not feeling “right.” I feel weird. So I’m staying home from work and I intend to bury myself under the covers and read/sleep and only get up to make tea. Unfortunately, the kidlet has also woken up this morning to find she’s not feeling so hot either. So she’s staying home as well and we get to be whiny and irritating together.

So why am I blogging instead of snuggling up under the aforementioned blankies? Because I’m killing time. I can’t call her school to excuse her absence for another 45 minutes and I know if I crawl into bed I will fall asleep. I can’t believe they don’t have a messaging system set up. That’s just irritating.