Just messin’

Apparently, my crappy $100 digital camera (not my video camera 🙂 ) can do some fairly spiffy macrophotography. I read an article last night on how to shoot close-ups like a pro and Crikey McNike (TM Nick Brendon) it actually kinda sorta worked.

I messed with it last night trying to get a shot of Shannon’s hands as she played her guitar but the light in my room is so ambient (just like I like it) that she either came out paler than pale with the flash, or bright orange without it. I might try again in sunlight or something.

The pic above is just this little wire fiddly toy I mess with at my desk when I’m waiting for programs or pages to load on the comp. But this is fun! I might see if it would work with the photo option on my videocamera too. It has a zoom and my digital cam does not (told you, crappy camera. Want a better one.)

Here’s a couple others I did with a mucho better camera. This is Sid the Wily Gnome who guards my monitor (Ok so I like tacky gnomes. I just don’t let my daughter anywhere near them):