Day: February 20, 2008

Can you hear me now?

After nearly three years of attending my daughter’s orchestra concerts, I finally heard her play. See, her orchestra is filled with about 400 violins, 200 violas, 150 cellos and 3 double basses. The wind section is buried at the back. I never see her except when she walks in and walks out. Nevermind trying to hear her. But it’s ok. The music is nice, though it would be better if I could understand the choices the director makes for the concerts. They seem so random.

For example, last night’s concert began with Schubert, included some Brahms and Wagner, and ended with… a Wizard of Oz medley. WTF?

Anyway, last night’s concert was the first time I’ve ever been able to shoot video of it. And of course, I youtube’d it so I could showcase my precious snowflake 🙂 If you listen very carefully during the Scarecrow’s theme in the Oz medley, you can hear the kidlet’s clarinet. Briefly.