Day: March 5, 2008

A Kooky Idea

Sorry dear readers, I’m still on my CherryPop kick. I had a rather odd idea for this whole thing the night before last. Just as I was turning off my bedside lamp to go to sleep, the idea that maybe I should buy a domain for the CherryPop character popped in my head. I discussed the merits of it with myself and decided I’d do it in the morning. I thought I would use the domain to maybe flesh out the character, keep a journal of my progress as I write this thing – all that good stuff.

But later that day, I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to put a blog on the new site and post as the character? A sort of online extension of CherryPop (ohmygod Steph quit saying CherryPop) that potential readers of the book could come to and learn more about the character. It could become a viral marketing thing I could use when it’s done. It could be a way for me to inhabit the character, much like an actor does, so I can make her and her weird world believable.

And it has the added bonus of being something that will motivate me if I find my inertia on this waning. BUT I don’t see that happening this time. I’m too excited about this 🙂

Sooooo without further blather, here’s CherryPop’s blog. Just a post or two right now, remember I just started it yesterday 🙂 But I’m planning to write as her quite frequently as well as continue to add to the ficlet series.

This is gonna be fun 🙂