Day: March 17, 2008

NPR Jack Bauer Feature

Well NET radio let me down 🙁

The Jack Bauer thing was supposed to air at 7:50am, which was perfect because you know, I only told everyone and their uncle to tune in and that’s right during drive time etc. Well, they began the piece, and then clunkily switched to a show about the stock market or something equally dull. Le sigh. It’s *supposed* to air one more time at 9:50am CST, but everyone will be busy working by then.

*grumble grumble*

Ah well, the feature piece is online now (which doesn’t do my luddite grandparents a lot of good, but there you go), so you can catch it there if you’re so inclined and I should just quit bitching. But I woke up Shannon so she could hear it. Imagine her grumpiness to have to wake up and listen to a stock market report 🙂

And they’ve put up a blog about it as well an you can comment on how freaky it is that DHS honcho Michael Chertoff is a fan of the show 🙂