Day: April 3, 2008

I got a part!

Woot 🙂

Me 🙂 Remember that audition I did a while back for Buffy Between the Lines? Guess I got a part 🙂 W00t! I’ve no idea what the part entails or anything. It’s probably just a little thing, but I’m stoked. (Eesh, I haven’t used ‘stoked’ since about 1987.) I’ll be in the 4th episode and I can’t wait to find out more.

I’m reminded of high school though. Loved drama class/club. Always wanted the leads. Always ended up with a small part that usually required an accent. Ah well. I have nothing but excellent memories of those times. The whole vibe from rehearsals to closing night was amazing and I’m starting to feel that vibe again as I get engulfed on Skype where the cast and crew of BBtL meetup.

This is gonna be fun.