Day: April 21, 2008

No longer an audio drama virgin

I’ve listened to podcasts before. I’ve made podcasts before. They were so completely amature and bad (and btw, never ever type the word ‘amature’ into Google to see if you spelled it wrong) that I was reluctant to admit that.

I enjoy listening to “The Signal” which is Firefly-centric for those of you not into the Whedonverse, but since the iPod in the family belongs to the kidlet, I never really get to enjoy podcasts like I should. I could try listening to them at work with the laptop but the interruptions and noise make it impossibly to really get “into” them there, and when I’m at home, I just have other stuff to do.

But I made time for the Buffy Between the Lines podcast because 1. I miss Buffy and 2. I am in awe at the giganimous undertaking that podcast is. To me (and I say this with full knowledge that Buffy and this podcast will not be everyone’s cuppa), this is the awesomest of the most awesome things and I’m genuinely excited to be even a small part of it.

Everyone I’ve met so far, every main cast member, every writer, editor, crew member right up to Tabz the brains behind the beauty of this project has been very nice to the noobs, very helpful and very patient. I can’t say enough wonderful things about BBtL.

I got the chance to write a little promo for the show, and I got to use a couple other cast members in it and 1. It was haaaaard 2. Recording my line in it (which is the first recording I’ve done for the 2nd season) was nerve-wracking but extremely fun once I got into it and 3. I’m no longer a recording noob 🙂

Now this post may sound like a gushing fangirl but I don’t care. I AM a gushing fangirl, because these folks deserve a lot of props for even thinking up the idea and carrying through with it. The second season cast is over 100 people from all over the place and it’s a logistical nightmare that makes my head spin just thinking about keeping everything and everyone organized But they pull it off, and keep us all running smoothly. So big giantass kudos to them.

They have plans to do Angel Between the Lines and Firefly Between the Lines in the future too so woohoo!!

And now I’m off to bed. It’s been a crazybusy day. Launch for the new website at the paper is tomorrow night and I’m expecting a lot of little fires to put out before then. But despite the craziness of the day I’m still a bit floaty after reading what one Ficleteer wrote about me 🙂 *lovely sigh* Gnight!