Day: May 15, 2008


Well I caved. I ported 24addict to WordPress. Man the guilt is killing me. Poor Blogger. I threw it over for something shinier. Oh well. I wanted categories damnit.

It’s been a big job and there’s still tweaking to do, but this is the sort of stuff I love to do 🙂

Watched the Smallville finale. It was meh, even with James Marsters in it. I don’t think the writers are even trying anymore. I used to love this show. Somehow, somewhere along the line they lost the plot entirely and I stopped caring about the characters. And I loved Lex too but Rosenbaum isn’t given much to do other than talk menacingly to flunkies and taunt Clark. I was happy to hopefully see Lana finally go. I think that storyline should have ended a couple of seasons ago. And I just might be biased, but for what little he was in it, I thought James stole every scene he was in.

Ok, it’s been a weird week and I’m knackered, so bedski for me.