Hej alla! Varför förmiddag mig handstil i svensk? Därför att jag kan! Och därför att I-förmiddagen lära det språket lite och det har varit rolig.

I’m pretty sure the translator I used butchered what I said there, but that’s ok. So wtf did I say? “Hi everyone! Why am I writing in Swedish? Because I can! I am learning the language and it is fun.” 🙂 Or something. I met someone in Sweden who is teaching me a few words here and there (and is very patient with my horrible pronunciations.) It’s a fun language though! I heart the interwebs!

Other than that I don’t have a whole lot to report. Saw Batman last weekend and loved the ever-loving hell out of it. Heath Ledger’s performance was disturbingly awesome and Christian Bale is just amazing. Thing about him is, I don’t believe he’ll be stuck with a stereotype for playing a superhero in a blockbuster film. He already has an impressive catalogue of quirky movies to his credit (American Psycho, Little Women, Swing Kids, Equilibrium to name a few) and he’ll go on to more like that. He’s doing the new Terminator movie which, yeah, another blockbuster type but man does it look bad-ass.

Anyway, so yeah, saw Batman. What else…. Oh! Got asked to host the episode 3 commentary for the second season of BBtL. Should be fun! And my co-writer and I have finished writing our scenes for the first episode of Angel Between the Lines and all that’s left is to put our halves together and make it flow, do some tweaking, and then hand our baby in. Over a month ahead of the deadline too 🙂 yay us!

Speaking of writing, I seem to have lost the plot a bit on my CherryPop story. And by that I mean, I haven’t wriiten anything in a month apart from one ficlet sequel. I need to focus on that. Watching all these Twitter updates from people at Comic-Con this weekend meeting their favourite authors and thinking that I would love to be someone’s favourite author someday. Won’t happen though if I don’t kick myself in the ass and get into it. I will find a way though.

One thought on “Hej!

  1. Hi!
    Had a big surprise noticing that you blogged in Swedish. Well, the translator did butched it up as you suspected. What you writed in Swedish actually meants:
    “Hi everybody! Why afternoon me handwriting in Swedish? Because I can. And ’cause that’s in-afternoon had learned that language and has been funny”.
    Well I understood the meaning in it even if it sounded kinda strange first. LOL. BTW, your pronunciations aint horrible. 🙂

    Keep on learning, it’s improves everytime you are learning.

    Greetings from Sweden

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