Flying visit

Ohhh so much going on these days, which I’m totally not complaining about. I remember the days of moaning about how boring things were, so I will not be moaning about being too busy to blog 🙂

Just wanted to give the props to the kidlet who has scored a scholarship worth 56k over four years to Tulane University. We are both thrilled by that. Unfortunately, I don’t think Tulane will end up working out, mostly because the programs they concentrate one (medicine and law are the main ones I believe) are not areas she’s interested in. She wants to be a teacher. We’ll explore their education track but I’m not sure Tulane will be the right fit.

And I can’t believe I am actually able to say such a thing 🙂 I’m so proud of my kid.  I know I must sounds like a tedious mom always bragging on her child, but oi, it’s my blog 🙂 And she deserves mucho props.

So, encouraged as we are by Tulane’s very generous scholarship offer, she’s going to go ahead and apply for some other schools around the country, preferably ones that off good education programs, and just see what sorts of things they might offer. I think UNK down the road from here is still her top choice, but maybe the scholarship offer we just got will help us sort of negotiate some more financial assistance for her there. 56K would totally cover all her costs at UNK whereas it would not at Tulane and the less she is saddled with student loans, the better.

So that’s one happy aspect of the life of Steph right now. I’m still working in this rough economy. *phew* And yes, still happily in love with the boyfriend. Unfortunately for my Twitter list, we’re sort of in that mushy, googley-eyed phase and I’m sure I’ve sickened at least half of my tweeps 🙂 Sorry guys but hey, you get to watch a beautiful love story unfold before your very eyes and how often do you get to do that 🙂 But yes, he makes me so happy and I’m just going to enjoy myself and not worry about whether I’m bugging people 🙂

Right, enough of an update for now. Will make more of an effort to keep this updated a little better in the future but if you know anything about me, I blog in spurts with the odd dry spell now and again.