Ok, today is a brand new day, so far so good though I’ve only been up for half an hour. Yesterday was all right until this happened:

Half a freaking block from home these guys crunched into me. The corner we happened to meet on was sheer ice from recent snowfall and I can’t tell if they took it too fast or what, but suffice to say I was a little wigged. On top of this, there just happened to be a woman with a small child in a stroller not 5 feet away from where I was hit. What she was doing slogging through snow-packed streets in below-freezing weather I do not know but she disappeared right afterwards. I’m glad she and the kid were not hurt, but it would have been nice if she’d stayed as a witness.

But she was why I could not swerve to avoid getting hit when I saw the other car coming. *sigh*

It could have been worse, and any accident you can walk away from is okay, but damn if I’m not still kind of shakey. My back and shoulders ache, but I’m not sure if it’s related to getting hit or from being tensed up for the last 15 hours.

I’ve decided that if it’s a holiday, and it is snowing/has recently snowed, I will not get into any kind of vehicle and go anywhere. As my sister can attest, Christmas day, 2007, coming back to town during a light snow we got hit by an SUV who took a turn too fast and slammed into my door. I’ve decided it’s me, and I’m cursed or something. So for my family and friends’ safety’s sake, I will stay out of cars under those conditions.

Other than that it was an okay Valentine’s day. Unfortunately, the kidlet did not get to go to her educator conference in Denver because of the weather, but selfishly, I loved having her home with me.

Hung out a little with my honey too which was also very nice. I love every second we get together.

So it wasn’t all shite on V-Day I guess 🙂