The Next Phase

Today I helped my daughter move into her dorm room. She’s a college girl now. *sniffle* She’s been so excited, so nervous, and stressed and bouncy… It’s been amazing to watch her get her stuff together and plan and talk to her roommate-to-be and well, she’s just simply amazing.

Because I’m me, here’s some pix and video from today 🙂

Outside her dorm:

A tour of her room:

Trying to make her loft bed:

The fun happening at the weekend 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Next Phase

  1. First of all, no college kids makes their bed.. lol. Secondly, does this ever bring back memories! I chose not to live in dorm-style housing though, i was given the option to live in apartment style housing on campus, with a living area and kitchenette. It was sweet!

  2. She does have quite a bit of free time (tho I am assured she's getting her homework done 🙂 But her first semester is a light load, so yeah, she's on twitter and facebook 🙂

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