I haven’t written in a while

I’m sad to say this blog has sort of fallen by the wayside with the advent of things like Posterous, Twitter, Facebook and various other social media things I’m involved in. These days, when I have a passing thought I want to release into the wild, I end up doing it on Facebook or Twitter. If I find a funny video or pic, it’s easier to use Posterous. Blogging has become a lost form for me.

I’m not sure if I’ll rectify that, but ukmelia.com holds sentimental value to me so it will remain as long as I’m alive. For the endless parade of Buffy and Angel fans who are pretty much the only non-family types to come here (thanks to the magic of Google) I hope my top ten lists of the best episodes of those series is entertaining. For family and friends who might wander through here, you can keep up with me, if you want, via the sidebar on the front page of this blog. All my lifestreamy, social media activities feed into there.

So basically, I’m here, but I’m not *here here*.