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Woke up this morning with a pounding headache. Haven’t had one of these in a while. I thought I was over the caffeine headache thing (that’s what this feels like) but maybe not. I blame the deliciousness that is vanilla chai tea. That stuff is bloody ambrosia. But maybe it’s loaded with caffeine.

I don’t know. i’m babbling now. All I do know is my head hurts and when I feel like this I don’t have any desire to, you know, move. No matter. Shannon took the car to work today, so I’m stuck home anyway.

Ugh. I do have other things to talk about, honestly, but the headache is distracting. Anyway, the second season of Buffy Between the Lines begins today. Very exciting! For those of you who know me, My little scene will be in the 4th episode which I don’t think will be coming out until some time in October (they release the episode, and the next week the release that episode’s commentary, then there’s a 2 week break while everyone except me gets to go to Dragon*Con, then they resume.) I got a chance to hear the scene and it was cute. I’m not saying much about it though because I think Tabz (The Joss) would, you know, kill me and stuff 🙂

So yeah, I’m just on the actor side of the show the one time. But I’ve worked on every episode doing a lot of editing, so if you’ve got an extra 40 minutes-ish ever couple of weeks, throw it on the old iPod and listen to the audio drama 🙂 BBtL 2 takes place between seasons 2 and 3 of Buffy. She has taken off to LA to deal with her grief at having to kill Angel, and the gang is left in Sunnydale to take up the vamp-killin’ slack. Also if you check out the commentaries, yours truly hosted the commentary for episode three.

In other news, My lovely co-writer and I finished our script for the first episode of Angel Between the Lines and we released it into the wild (well, we gave it to the beta readers anyway.) I’m very nervous. I’ve never written a script before and it was definitely a challenge. But it was a lot of fun too. Now the betas will fine-tooth comb it and give it back to us, we’ll make changes, and then it’s out of our hands for good. It will be so cool to hear it acted out though. I’m very excited about.

All right, I’m going to stop for now and go lie down.