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Handfasting and Mansions

So I’m sitting in a mansion. Yeah, I won’t shutup about the mansion. ask anyone who follows me on twitter. I’m probably about to lose some of them because I keep yapping about this mansion. The kid and I are in Omahaha to celebrate my cousin’s handfasting wedding. It’s a Wicca thang. It’s Halloween and they were wed in the Crescent Moon brewpub here. It was an interesting ceremony full of Blessed Be’s and So Mote It Be’s. Much polka mixed with punk mixed with country tunes. the bride came down the “aisle” to Toccata and Fuge in D Minor. Fun!

The wedding party, or family of the bride and groom get to stay at the Cornerstone Mansion across the street from Joslyn Castle. This place was built in 1894 by the founder of the Offut Air Force base. If I can be vulgar for a minute – this place is fucking amazing.

Here are some pix of some of the rooms (we filled the whole place, so we had the run of it, which is why I’m enjoying the atmosphere in the sitting room writing this instead of up in my room.)

Beautiful no? I wish I could live in a place like this.

anyway, wedding was great fun. It’s wonderful to see Kelly and Matt again. And tomorrow I am taking Shannon to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra in Council Bluffs, IA, which is something she has wanted to do for a few years now, but it never worked out. They just happened to be touring here the day after the wedding. Fate I guess 🙂 She is a happy camper, the show will rock, and then we’ll hang with Kels and Matt again, and then Sunday we will crash for the day.

October was an awesome month.