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Let the Wizarding Commence

I’ve just bought out Hasting’s entire stock of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files books. For once in my life, in this nowhere little city where things I want are hard to come by, my local bookstore didn’t let me down.

Last post I mentioned I’m listening to “Storm Front” which is read by James Marsters and I’ll admit to being a total fangirl and James reading it is the hook that got me interested in the series. To my delight, it’s really good! James is yum of course, but fuck me if the story isn’t great as well. I love the pace, the humour, and the magical world Butcher creates.

So, premise: Harry Dresden is a detective in Chicago who also happens to be a wizard. “Storm Front” deals with him trying to solve some gruesome murders that were done by black magic and along the way he finds himself in trouble with the White Council, with the mob, and with a powerful but undisciplined pseudo-wizard who summons demons and can harness the power of a storm to kill you. Vampires, scorpions the size of French automobiles, and toad-like demons are no match for Harry 🙂

I love the way he weaves the magical into everyday life. Harry has a dry, cynical wit you often find in private detectives but he’s also a good man with the proverbial heart of gold and all that.

So I’d totally recommend the series to anyone who likes this sort of genre. Just don’t go to Hastings here in town looking for them 🙂