Tag: Empty nest syndrome

Balancing act

I’m trying to balance being a good parent who lets their child leave the nest, and a starting-to-worry parent who hasn’t heard from her child in an unusual amount of time right now.

I know what you’ll say. “C’mon Steph, she’s all grown up now and probably just busy with her college life stuff. Cut her some slack.” Believe me, I want to. I try to encourage her in that direction after hearing she’s finding her downtime from classes to be a bit boring. I asked if there are any club she could join or activities she could either take part in or go and watch. I know she would like a part-time job and maybe she’s out hunting one up.

But not a day has gone by since she left that there aren’t at least 2 or 3 text messages throughout the day. maybe an email or two (to say gnight usually) and once a week a phone call. I don’t think that’s too much, do you? Am I tugging too hard on the strings? I try to let her contact me when she needs me and no matter how many times I want to text and just say hello or see how she’s doing, I stop myself and think that I need to let her be.

But as I’m writing this, I haven’t heard a peep out of her since her last facebook post last night. No email, she’s not answering my two texts and at first I reckoned she was just busy but as time passes the horrible things going through my mind are getting worse and now I just want to know how you other parents out there deal with this? How did parents deal with this before Facebook and Twitter and cell phones? Am I just TOO dependent on all this tech?

I expect a certain amount of ‘well if you weren’t a facebook-stalking mom, you wouldn’t be worried right now.’ And maybe that’s true. But while I don’t consider myself that extreme when it comes to keeping tabs on her (we have both talked about the level of connectivity we have online and what she’s comfy with and so far it’s not been an issue. I really do try to giver her her space.) I DO worry that the level of connection I do have with her is leading me to worry unnecessarily when goes out of touch for a while.

I’m sure she’s just fine.