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It was quite a bumpy eveningย  around here. The tornado watch started in the afternoon and by the time I got off work, things were rumbly and roiling out towards Kearney. I picked up the kidlet from work and we went home to keep an eye on the alerts. If it got bad we were going to make a mad dash for the Gs. While we debated, we gathered up the stuff we couldn’t bear to lose “just in case” – you know, the laptops, the Wii, our ipods, the external hard drive, the last book in the Dresden series that I haven’t read yet, some pictures and the cat. Oh and my bottle of Simply Divine Cherry Pie lotion. I think by this time I was just grabbing, and I distinctly remember justifying it in my mind because Bath & Body discontinued it and it’s hard to find ๐Ÿ™‚

Mmmm cherries.

Anyway, the Big Radar Map showed that the bulk of this huge cell was heading straight for us. So we loaded up and headed for the grandparent’s basement. On the way up, Shannon video’d what she could of the sky but frankly, other than some great lightning and rain, I’ve seen scarier skies.

So we hung out with the Gs for a while. I twittered occasional updates from my cell phone because I know when I’m surrounded by tornadoes with sirens blaring and radio DJs wigging, I want to be sure all my followers know it ๐Ÿ™‚

The cat explored her new surroundings and was very well-behaved considering she hates everyone in the entire world except for the kid and me. And then the sirens stopped and it was time to go. Maybe she liked the basement. Maybe she preferred lying on the cold cement floor instead of cowering in the backseat of the car tryign to figure out wtf is going on. But when she and I reached the top of the stairs, she freaked out. A literal hissy fit complete with fangs. So I’m trying to hold on to Angry Kitty, the laptop bag, my purse and Shannon’s purse when she decides I might be tasty. Gran is looking at us horrified, Grampa is trying to take the bags from me and Shannon’s trying to get close enough to find a way to grab the cat without exposing her own flesh.

She sank her fnags into my hand one more time, I shrieked, then Shannon finally found a grip and took the snarling, spitting cat and chucked her into the backseat of the car where the little minx flopped and stared at us through the window with a, “What?” look on her sweet little face.

Ah well. Now we’re home, the place is still standing, Spooky is banished from my room until I make my point to her that she was naughty, and I’m chilling to an old Men at Work song on XM44 ๐Ÿ™‚ My hand’s got a few punctures in it but I can still type! Woohoo!

Next tornado though, she’s on her own.