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Storminess and Geek Chic

Took some video of the oncoming storm tonight. Nothing dangerous and I was safe inside when it hit, although again, my town fared well when all was said and done (though this seems to be the storm that never ends. It hit here around 6-ish, and it’s after 9pm and now we’re getting hail.)

Anyway, here’s the vid. There’s nothing sexy in it – no funnel clouds or whipping wind. Just some incredible looking cloud formations that I liked.

Neat eh? There are also some pix of it over on Snaps.

In other news, I’m doing something kind of fun with the Snaps site. I’m calling it Geek Chic and it’s sort of like what Dooce does with her awesome ‘Daily Style’ section of her site. It’s a separate section of Snaps and these photos won’t show up in the main blog area. I’m going to try posting daily(ish) pics of some of the geeky, chic-y stuff I own. While I’m sure that doesn’t sound very exciting, it’s actually fascinating. I never “got” much into Dooce’s style pix, but the more I looked at those pix, the more I got hooked. It’s kind of a glimpse into someone’s house when they left the curtains open at night. Which I totally love doing. My theory is, if you’re going to leave them open and lights a-blazing, I’m gonna peek as I drive by.

Anyway, you can get to know a person’s tastes and interests through images, plus it gives me another excuse to practice with the cam 🙂 So check it out.

I’m off to get the kidlet who spent most of her shift huddled up in the bathroom with her coworkers during the storm. I don’t like it that she was at work during the blowing of the sirens. My instinct on the way home from Walmart was to stop and get her. But I wasn’t sure if I should or if she’d get in trouble or what. We’ll discuss what to do from now on when she gets home though.