Day: May 26, 2008

I did something a little fun and a lot geeky the other day. See, I wrote another sequel ficlet in the whole CherryPop saga and in the course of it came a little idea.

Ok first, a little backstory here. I’m pretty much writing these on the fly. I have an idea in my head of where the story is going, but I’m fleshing it out one Ficlet at a time. So when I sit down to write a sequel, I never know exactly how it’s going to turn out. Makes it kind of exciting for me to do it that way.

So as I’m writing this particular sequel, in which CherryPop and Liam have to kill some time until sunset when they can go investigate the headquarters of the Anti-Zombie Coalition, who they think might be responsible for a brutal Stupid Zombie attack. As they kill time, I have Liam poke around online looking for info about the AZC.

Poking around. Online. All he finds is a plain website with a mission statement and contact number. A website… Online… Noo.. that would be silly. But funny! Yes! I’ll do it! And I did. I waited to publish the ficlet until after I purchased the domain Then I made up a little mission statement, named my character who will be the head of it, and made up a phone number for him. And I put it online. And I published the ficlet with the URL as the title. Hello expanded universe!

It’s a Ficlet with a kick! 🙂 God I love that site.

Sure it’s a little OTT and silly, but it reminds me of the viral Lost sites that kept popping up when the show was on the air that enhanced the show’s mysteries. Fun!

Indiana Jones and the Whatever the Hell

So I went to see Indy today. Looked forward to it all week etc. Spent almost the entire movie being pissed off at the theatre for not fixing the focus. This cinematographic film with beautiful scenery, sweeping views, fun in-jokes, cool fight sequences and all that makes up something put together by Spielberg and Lucas, and the fucking thing looked like the way the world looks to me without my contacts. Ruined the whole experience for me.

For any locals, this would be the Dickinson Mall Stadium theatre, auditorium 7 so don’t go see it there. You’re probably better off driving to Hastings or something.

I noticed the blurriness during all the previews but I figured surely the projectionist will notice and sort it out before the film starts. But no, they didn’t. I asked Shannon to go tell the guy we know that works there about it and she did. And they came and fiddled with it about 15 minutes into the movie. Then it was ok for a while. Then it went so blurry that I’m shocked no one else went to complain. It stayed that way til near the end, then they fixed it right after the big climax.

By that time I was so mad, I was near tears, which sounds stupid and silly. It’s just a movie and I know this in my head, but I think I was angry at all that anticipation and excitement to see this movie gone to waste and my enjoyment wrecked because I couldn’t see most of it. And maybe I overreacted too. I dunno. But the guy we know who works there was very kind and refunded our money which appeased me a little. But now when I look back on the time I went to see this iconic movie, all I’ll remember is being pissed off during the whole thing. Which sucks.

Having said that, what I did see in the movie was great, perfectly cheesy, over the top Indiana action. The whole franchise requires some major suspending of your disbelief but I’m good at that 🙂 A lot of it was predictable (going to keep from going into detail) and unsubtle, but it was a good ride and I think I liked it. I would like to see it again, but I’m wary, so I’ll probably just rent it when it comes out.

Rest of the day was cool. Made ranch burgers with peas and honest-to-goodness corn-on-the-cob that I actually had to shuck (I’m of the ‘buy it frozen and pre-shucked’ camp usually.) Turned out all right. But the best part of the evening was hitting the pool for the first time this summer. Man that felt awesome. I just love swimming. It feels wonderful, it’s great exercise that I can deal with (no sweating!) and some of the lifeguards… Yu-mmy.

Except, am I just getting old or are children just more foul-mouthed than they used to be? The kid and I are doing our thing, just paddling around in the wave pool, chatting away, and this trio of chubby boys, no more than 9 or 10 years old, were having a shouting match. But all they were shouting was, ‘FUCK YOU’ at each other and then giggling like mad. It was actually kind of funny.

I remember when I was very young my friends and I would be walking home from school and one of us had either made up or heard of some new swear word or phrase that we had to test. But we couldn’t just blurt it out in the street. No way. No, we ducked down an alley, looked around furtively, then we’d whisper some dramatic cuss that made us feel like grownups. The one I remember the most that must have been a favourite or something was this, and forgive me if I offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities here but even now it makes me giggle: Motherfuckingtittysuckingtwoballbitch. To this day I have no idea what a ‘two ball bitch’ is but the whole phrase just flows off the tongue perfectly 🙂 Especially if you say it out loud in a sing-songy voice.

Anyway, there’s a whole lotta cursing going on at the pool tonight.