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I did something a little fun and a lot geeky the other day. See, I wrote another sequel ficlet in the whole CherryPop saga and in the course of it came a little idea.

Ok first, a little backstory here. I’m pretty much writing these on the fly. I have an idea in my head of where the story is going, but I’m fleshing it out one Ficlet at a time. So when I sit down to write a sequel, I never know exactly how it’s going to turn out. Makes it kind of exciting for me to do it that way.

So as I’m writing this particular sequel, in which CherryPop and Liam have to kill some time until sunset when they can go investigate the headquarters of the Anti-Zombie Coalition, who they think might be responsible for a brutal Stupid Zombie attack. As they kill time, I have Liam poke around online looking for info about the AZC.

Poking around. Online. All he finds is a plain website with a mission statement and contact number. A website… Online… Noo.. that would be silly. But funny! Yes! I’ll do it! And I did. I waited to publish the ficlet until after I purchased the domain www.anti-zombies.org. Then I made up a little mission statement, named my character who will be the head of it, and made up a phone number for him. And I put it online. And I published the ficlet with the URL as the title. Hello expanded universe!

It’s a Ficlet with a kick! πŸ™‚ God I love that site.

Sure it’s a little OTT and silly, but it reminds me of the viral Lost sites that kept popping up when the show was on the air that enhanced the show’s mysteries. Fun!

Fish oil and potential changes around here

So I know very well that eating fish is totally good for you. Problem is, I can’t eat fish. Well I can, but I hate it. Like, vehemently despise anything fishy. I’ve never been able to ‘develop a taste’ for it and I’ve tried everything from bacon-wrapped shrimp drenched in honey butter to smoked conger eel.

No matter what I try, there is a gagging, disgusting ‘fishy’ aftertaste that is the same no matter what the seafood is. And it makes me want to heave. So I’ve given up the though of ever liking seafood. But I want to take advantage of the health benefits of fish, the omega-3 oils and all that good stuff. Everything I’ve read says those are so great for you. So I bought some fish oil supplements.

Now, I’ve never braved buying them before because I fear that fishy aftertaste. But several people assured me you don’t get that with the supplements. Well, I’m here to say that, uh, yes you do. At least I do. And it’s making me ill. So no more fish oil thingies for me and I’ll try to get those health benefits elsewhere. Right now, I think I’m going to go gargle garlic or something to kill this aftertaste.

In other news, I’m seriously considering giving up Blogger for WordPress for this blog. And I feel guilty about it. I’ve been with Blogger since before Google bought them. And I love Blogger, I really do. It’s a wonderful platform – especially for beginner bloggers. They make it so easy to get right into blogging which is helpful when trying to convince someone who’s reluctant to blog because it seems too hard to set up.

But I’ve been using WP at work for a while now, and I really like it. I love the plugins and it just seems to have more features that I like compared to Blogger. It seems like Blogger is far behind in development. It should the ability to have categories by now and they’ve only just released the ability to set posts to publish in the future. Come on Google, give some more time and love to Blogger.

I haven’t decided if I want to tackle porting all these posts to WordPress, or if I just want to start from scratch and leave these archived. I’m still pondering. If you see a completely different layout one of these days you’ll know I made up my mind. One of the cool things I discovered with WP is a podcast plugin that I think is used over on the Buffy Between the Lines site (which is powered by WP). I tested it out on my TV blog last night and it’s fantastico. I’ve been thinking of doing a little podcast around here and this would make it so simple to do.

What else is up… I’m using a little stimulus check money to stimulate the economy to buy a new laptop. It’s so not a high end one, but I don’t need anything fancy. All I do at home is some photoshopping, some coding, some video/audio editing and writing so I don’t really need a $2000 laptop. But I do need one of my own. I use my daughter’s and she’s going to be needing it herself soon. I can’t be laptopless πŸ™‚ Plus hers is feckin’ heavy as evidenced by the fantastically colourful bruises on two of my toes where it fell on them yesterday. I back and forthed on whether I should go to the ER last night because I thought they might be broken. But I don’t think they are now. The swelling is gone and I can wiggle them now.

I’m still writing. I’ve sort of halted the CherryPop story on Ficlets while I concentrate on fleshing it out. I gave up on the idea of writing in a coffeeshop or something. 1. I would be forced to buy a mocha and I’ve given them up for the most part and 2. Nosey clerks bother me.

Anyway, that’s me caught up for now. I’m picking up the new laptop tonight. I can’t wait! Off to look for garlic now.

I can’t believe I did it

First, the writing on the CherryPop story is going swimmingly, and I’m having fun writing her blog as well (thought it’s harder to do than I imagined.) I have, for the first time in my life, the entire story from start to finish is imagined. I’m fleshing out my characters, and I’m using Ficlets (which just one the SXSW Web Award for CSS design. Woot!) to work out pieces of the story and gauge whether I’m on the right track with it. So far so good!

And for the hell of it, I created a Twitter account for CherryPop too πŸ™‚

BUT, I did something this weekend that frankly, I’m astonished I did. There is a fan show/podcast for Buffy called “Between the Lines” where they write actual episodes and cast fans as the characters from the show. They put it all together into a podcast and frankly, it’s pretty fucking cool. They’ve finished their first season and are holding open auditions for their second season.

So I auditioned. What the hell right? All you need is a mic and recording software, and you can use Audacity, which is free. I happen to have Audition so I used that. Anyway, I had to record myself using dialogue from the character I was trying out for. I’d love the part of Drusilla, the spacey, deadly English vampire because she’s one of my favourites so I did her lines. But I also figured I’d audition for a few other parts too:

Drusilla – Crazy psychic vamp
Cordelia – Total Cali cheerleader type
Lilah Morgan – Vicious bitch lawyer at Wolfram & Heart
Gwen Raiden – Electro-girl/well-paid thief

The links go to the audition pieces I had to record.

I’m sure I sucked immensely but I had fun anyway. But that’s not the kicker. The kicker is after I sent my audio and application in, they wrote me back and asked for a sample of me singing because I guess they’re contemplating a musical episode. No power in the ‘verse will make me post that audio sample so don’t even ask. But I did it πŸ™‚ They wanted a snippet sung from any song in the Buffy musical episode, “Once More with Feeling.” I sang the first verse of Anya and Xander’s song, “I’ll Never Tell.” (Link goes to youtube, uhh a Sims version of the song. It’s weird but all I could find.) My cheeks are blushing just thinking about it. I sound great in my car with a CD blasting (and overpowering my voice) but this was a capella, and I had to rely on my memory for the tune. Shan said it wasn’t bad but that I was flat. Ah well πŸ™‚ I thought I could probably induce dogs to howl.

But, fun was had and I probably won’t end up with a part, but at least I tried out πŸ™‚ And Mike – They’re going to be producing a Firefly version of this πŸ™‚ You’d be great as Wash πŸ™‚