CherryPop McGee Returns

She’s back. After quite the hiatus, I’m back at it with the CherryPop McGee story that I hope one day becomes a book. In fact, I know it will because I’m going to self-publish it, hehe 🙂 So whether it’s crap or really good, I will at least be able to say I wrote a book 🙂

I hope it’s good though. I’ve also revived the website, and I’ve released three chapters and the prologue so far. Interspersed with the chapter releases are blog posts from the two main characters themselves: CherryPop and Liam (the Zombie). Liam and CherryPop are also on Twitter, though things aren’t looking so good for our girl as she’s become the victim of a Stupid Zombie bite that was infected with something and now she’s out cold. You’ll have to follow them on Twitter to find out what happens next.

I’m slowly building up a little ‘verse for my story that I hope can get noticed and (hopefully) is enjoyed by folks who dig on Zombie/Magic/sci-fi-y type stories. Ican’t narrow down a genre to pin this to yet.

I also have plans to do a podcast, maybe 30 minutes or so on Zombies that would end with the release of another chapter of the story. I figured I could do Zombie trivia, have someone review a Zombie movie and umm, other Zombie stuff. It’s a Zombcast. Or will be if I can recruit helpers. If anyone reads this, get a hold of me and let me know if you’d like to help me out 🙂

So that’s me done pimping what I’m up to. This is my main project right now in my free time and I am having an absolute blast working on this.

4 thoughts on “CherryPop McGee Returns

  1. Hi! Sorry to get all stalkerish on your blog, but I was wondering if perhaps you have hosted your lovely Dark City caps anywhere else? Keifer's so cute and loveable in that movie, and sadly even though they just released the director's cut, media on the internet is so hard to find. 🙁 I tried to Wayback the site, but it on has a handful of the caps archived. 🙁
    Thanks for any help, but if not, thank you for having made that site so long ago! They're really very lovely caps. 🙂
    ~Zoi (zoi_no_miko aatt hotmail dot com ) 🙂

  2. Young lady ref first paragraph it will not be crap, look at it at the moment it is full of awesomeness 🙂

    Keep it up, if there is anything I can do just you let me know

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