The last show

I’m sitting in the Senior High auditorium for the last time right now. Tonight is Shannon’s final orchestra concert after 7 years of musical education. I think out of all that time, I’ve missed two of her shows.

The high school orchestra has mostly consisted of about 800 violins, cellos and violas, and about 4 or 5 wind instruments. Shannon plays clarinet. Only once in the 4 years of high school have I been able to see her, because the instructor tucks the winds way at the back.

But tonight is different. Tonight she’ll be called up to sign the Big Yellow Bass as is traditional for departing seniors and receive her Letter. I think it will be lovely.

It’s about 8 minutes to showtime. The stage is empty but I can hear strains of instruments coming from the nearby bandroom. The seats are filling up and we are ready to enjoy the likes of Bartok, Mozart and Bach.

I can’t think of a better ending to my birthday 🙂

I wrote the above stuff as I sat waiting for the show to begin (I heart my iPod Touch). Below, I’ve added some audio I took as well as some pix.

The first song:

The last song:

Shannon talks about the last concert:

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