Oh my god it’s back!

In 2012, I got really sick and I was in the hospital for three-ish months.  During that time, I didn’t renew this domain (because I had more pressing problems) and lost it to some Asian company who sat on it for years. I was really bummed about this because ukmelia.com had been mine for, gosh, about 10 years or so, if not longer. It was my virtual home, and someone took it from me.

Last week, I saw an ad on my Facebook feed for Google domains so I went to look at what those were and whimsically decided to search for ukmelia.com and WHAT THE HELL! IT WAS AVAILABLE AGAIN! So yeah, I snatched it back from the domain thieves who did fuck-all with it after they parked it. Mine, mine mine.

Soooo, I’ve been having a good laugh looking at 5 year-old posts left on this blog. I’ll be redecorating, and maybe this bit of brightness in my virtual world will spark me into writing again. I really hope so.

It’s so good to be home.