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It’s like Christmas!

Shannon’s been out of it for a couple of days with an ear infection but not even that kept her from hunting down the elusive Wii. (For the record, the doc gave her some meds, and she’s much better, so don’t be thinking I let my sick kid wander around town looking for a game console:) )

As noted in my previous post, she and I have been frustrated and led around by our noses by disinterested and annoyed store clerks who must have had to field a lot of calls asking when they’re getting a Wii in (and don’t think for a second I haven’t felt like an eejit calling around asking for a Wii. My time in England makes me feel like I’m asking to go to the loo.) We started by calling all the stores in town and the ones in surrounding towns multiple times a day in case some came in on their trucks or via UPS. We just missed getting one on Thursday from Best Buy.

When I called Walmart in Hastings yesterday, they said they have 9 of them but cannot sell them until midnight. Now, I was willing to drive to Hastings around then to grab one, but then the clerk told me people start lining up for them at around 7:30pm. I’m sorry but no power in the ‘verse is going to make me hang around a Walmart for 5 hours. Not even for a Wii. I figured we’d just take our chances and go to Best Buy right when they open this morning. A friend from work said that was the best time to go.

But, I also thought it would be prudent to call both Walmarts here in town and see if they were doing a midnight sale of them as well. The South store said they had some, but wouldn’t be selling them until 7am-ish because of some sort of policy or something. I don’t know. Do you see how ridiculous this Wii-hunt has turned out to be? Anyway, Shannon asked me if I would let her get up at 4am and go to that Walmart and wait for it. Against my better judgement, and after repeatedly asking if her ears were up to it, I agreed she could go. I knew how badly she’s wanted a Wii for over a year now.

Well the little widget couldn’t even wait until 4am. She couldn’t sleep at all and I bet anything she had that feeling I used to get on Christmas eve when I was younger. I anticipated my Christmas morning traditions so much I could never get to sleep then. Anyway, she left the house at 3am and went to he South store armed with a book and ready to wait it out.

But when she got there, they told her that the shipment of the consoles didn’t come and they wouldn’t have any. Can you say ‘Crushed’? But then they told her that sometimes their shipments accidentally get sent to the North store. So she called and sure enough, the North store who had previously told us they wouldn’t have any, had them all. They told her there were only three left. So she drove up there (carefully I hope, it was raining hard) and triumphantly got one of the last Wii’s. She came home, woke me at 3:45am and said “We have a Wii.” I had been dreaming about silk trousers being hung out to dry (no idea) so my memory of this morning was a little fuzzy but I do know I had a happy camper who could now get to sleep.

I woke up around 7am and shortly after that, she was up. I asked her why she wasn’t sleeping in, and she said, “It’s like Christmas!” πŸ™‚ I knew it.

So far, I enjoy the boxing. I like kicking ass. I still think the whole hunting down a Wii thing is silly and frustrating though.

Damn Nintendo

Why the feck is it so damn hard to buy a Wii? I understand the whole supply and demand thing, but I figured it’s well past Christmas now, shouldn’t the flow of Wii’s produced be back to normal? Is it really THAT COOL of a machine that Nintendo can’t keep up with demand?

None of the stores I called in this town seem to know when or if they’re going to be getting any. Why is it so secret? What kind of store doesn’t know what kind of inventory is coming in a shipment? Seems ridiculous to me.

Ignore me. I’m just frustrated that I can’t find one within a 50 mile radius AND I can’t find any of the bastards online either unless I want to pay WAY above retail and yeah, that’s not going to happen. People who do that are stupid. (Hopefully none of my friends or relatives have done this otherwise I will feel bad for calling them stupid.) Yeah, the kid and I really want to buy one, and we have the funds to get it, but we feel like we’re standing in a store waving our money around but no one will take it.

It’s weird.

NPR Jack Bauer Feature

Well NET radio let me down πŸ™

The Jack Bauer thing was supposed to air at 7:50am, which was perfect because you know, I only told everyone and their uncle to tune in and that’s right during drive time etc. Well, they began the piece, and then clunkily switched to a show about the stock market or something equally dull. Le sigh. It’s *supposed* to air one more time at 9:50am CST, but everyone will be busy working by then.

*grumble grumble*

Ah well, the feature piece is online now (which doesn’t do my luddite grandparents a lot of good, but there you go), so you can catch it there if you’re so inclined and I should just quit bitching. But I woke up Shannon so she could hear it. Imagine her grumpiness to have to wake up and listen to a stock market report πŸ™‚

And they’ve put up a blog about it as well an you can comment on how freaky it is that DHS honcho Michael Chertoff is a fan of the show πŸ™‚

NPR Interview

Just a quick note for now. I’ve been so busy! The NPR interview I did a few weeks ago for their “In Character” series on 24’s Jack Bauer will air on Monday morning (on St. Patrick’s Day! Go Irish!) I don’t have an exact time but I got an email from Pam Fessler yesterday saying it’s still scheduled for the 17th. If you happen to be listening to NPR Monday morning, feel free to point and laugh at how much I sound like a Kiefer Sutherland fangirl πŸ™‚

UPDATE: Got another email from Pam on the times it will air:
“The Bauer In Character piece is scheduled to air Monday morning at 6:50, 8:50 and 10:50 Eastern time. That should probably be at 5:50, 7:50 and 9:50 CST (other time zones, you’re on your own. I don’t do math on Fridays.) If for some reason you miss it, it can be found on our website a few hours later at Just click on Programs at the top and go to Morning Edition.”

She says I’m in a little bit at the end and that it’s a six minute piece.

The day cannot begin

Without passing by this puppy. Well, he/she is probably more or less past the age of puppydom, but to us, he’s the funnest puppy EVAR.

We pass him/her on our way to school/work every morning, and I wish we could just park and watch him. I’m going to assume he’s a he because I’m tired of the slashies. He likes to chase cars. An honest-to-goodness dog who chases cars. I thought it was a myth. But this puppy is trapped in his yard, hampered by the fence. But that doesn’t stop him. He’ll stalk you if you’re stopped, and completely WIG OUT if you drive by slowly. He’ll spin and spin and spin to get himself revved up and then FOOM – he’s off like a shot when you speed up.

I love watching him. I’ve even taken to changing my route home so I can see if he’s out πŸ™‚

I couldn’t catch him doing his spinning thing, but trust me, it’s hilarious πŸ™‚

Let the Wizarding Commence

I’ve just bought out Hasting’s entire stock of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files books. For once in my life, in this nowhere little city where things I want are hard to come by, my local bookstore didn’t let me down.

Last post I mentioned I’m listening to “Storm Front” which is read by James Marsters and I’ll admit to being a total fangirl and James reading it is the hook that got me interested in the series. To my delight, it’s really good! James is yum of course, but fuck me if the story isn’t great as well. I love the pace, the humour, and the magical world Butcher creates.

So, premise: Harry Dresden is a detective in Chicago who also happens to be a wizard. “Storm Front” deals with him trying to solve some gruesome murders that were done by black magic and along the way he finds himself in trouble with the White Council, with the mob, and with a powerful but undisciplined pseudo-wizard who summons demons and can harness the power of a storm to kill you. Vampires, scorpions the size of French automobiles, and toad-like demons are no match for Harry πŸ™‚

I love the way he weaves the magical into everyday life. Harry has a dry, cynical wit you often find in private detectives but he’s also a good man with the proverbial heart of gold and all that.

So I’d totally recommend the series to anyone who likes this sort of genre. Just don’t go to Hastings here in town looking for them πŸ™‚