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Catching up

It occurs to me that I have been neglecting this blog. This blog that I have had since before Google owned Blogger. This blog that has been through so many changes, both cosmetic and in focus.

That’s just it though, I’ve never found a focus for this blog. It’s just been my catchall for my life. And that’s fine 🙂 But it does tend to get a little dusty around here from time to time. And then I come along feeling guilty and use it for a while, until I get distracted by other shiny things. Such is the lot in life for this blog. For those friends and family who faithfully still check to see if I’ve had anything new to add (I do still look at my stats, and I see you Aunty Jo 🙂 You rock) I will try to do a better job. But I can also be found here, here, and here.

Sooooo let’s see… DC was a rocking good time. I hope my tweets, pix and vids from the trip came through ok. I had fun “liveblogging” the trip, so to speak. And it was wonderful to hang out with my sister and brother-in-law. DC is a great town. Also? ‘West Wing’ is much cooler to watch when you know what all the buildings are.

Since we’ve been back we’ve been busy getting the kid ready for college and looking after the grandparents who, after their month-long incarceration in the hospital, aren’t getting around so well. So we’ve been taking care of their shopping and laundry, chores around the house and that sort of thing.

The kid is getting very excited for college to start. Move-in day is August 20th. Mental breakdown day for me will be on the long drive home by myself later that night. I think it will be fine and I am very excited for her to start this new part of her life. I do wish people would stop asking me how I’m going to ‘handle it.’ I know they mean well, but frankly I don’t know how I’ll handle it and I won’t know until she’s all moved into her dorm. Right now, I try not to think about it too much. I want her to move to the next phase of her life without worrying too much about how I’m going to handle it. I’m pretty tough. I’ll be fine. It’s the kid that should be the focus 🙂

It’s pretty cute actually. She’s combing through the dorm checklists and planning what to pack, what she can get from target after she moves in, what her roommate will bring vs. what she’ll be bringing, how to decorate… she bout a whiteboard and wrote out her entire list of things to pack and her class schedule on it 🙂 It’s adorable.

She also has until the 15th to clean the hell out of her horribly messy room. I have plans for it 😀 hehehe. Just kidding. Other than sticking her twin mattress back in there and a chair for the nice desk, I wasn’t going to do much apart from leave the door open for a change so the cat will have a new room to rule (the kidlet *never* lets Spooky in there for fear of never finding her again.)

So this will be a big month for her. I’m so proud of her and I hope college is going to be everything it should be for her.

What’s going on elsewhere? Let’s see, on top of sending her to college I just got told about the 2nd round of paycuts at work. This year I’ve taken a 9 1/2 percent paycut and I’m making just barely more than I did when I started at the paper five years ago this month. Nothing like working hard to get ahead and staying loyal to a company only to feel like you’re swimming against the stream.

My beloved laptop that I’ve had for just over a year just died this weekend. I’ve never had to take a computer to a repair shop before. Ever. Until now and I’m afraid of the repair cost. I wish I was more knowledgeable about the inner workings of laptops and PCs. Thank goodness for my iPod Touch because I simply don’t think I could function without being able to ‘check my stuff’ as I usually put it 🙂 Mostly I check Twitter and Facebook and end up playing solitaire most of the time, hehe. but my laptop is also my DVD player and I watch movies and stuff on it, so without that I’m at a bit of a loss. I’ve no idea what’s on telly anymore because I rarely have it on.

And I don’t mean that to sound pretentious and snobby. I used to watch tons of TV. I just somehow got away from doing that. It wasn’t a conscious decision or anything, it just sort of happened. If there’s something I want to watch, I DVR it or catch it online. Truth be told, I’d rather wait and watch TV shows and stuff when they’re out on DVD anyway.

Yeah okay, I’m rambling about nothing, which means time to wind this up. I will, as usual, try to keep this blog updated in a more timely fashion, but no promises 🙂

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Ok, today is a brand new day, so far so good though I’ve only been up for half an hour. Yesterday was all right until this happened:

Half a freaking block from home these guys crunched into me. The corner we happened to meet on was sheer ice from recent snowfall and I can’t tell if they took it too fast or what, but suffice to say I was a little wigged. On top of this, there just happened to be a woman with a small child in a stroller not 5 feet away from where I was hit. What she was doing slogging through snow-packed streets in below-freezing weather I do not know but she disappeared right afterwards. I’m glad she and the kid were not hurt, but it would have been nice if she’d stayed as a witness.

But she was why I could not swerve to avoid getting hit when I saw the other car coming. *sigh*

It could have been worse, and any accident you can walk away from is okay, but damn if I’m not still kind of shakey. My back and shoulders ache, but I’m not sure if it’s related to getting hit or from being tensed up for the last 15 hours.

I’ve decided that if it’s a holiday, and it is snowing/has recently snowed, I will not get into any kind of vehicle and go anywhere. As my sister can attest, Christmas day, 2007, coming back to town during a light snow we got hit by an SUV who took a turn too fast and slammed into my door. I’ve decided it’s me, and I’m cursed or something. So for my family and friends’ safety’s sake, I will stay out of cars under those conditions.

Other than that it was an okay Valentine’s day. Unfortunately, the kidlet did not get to go to her educator conference in Denver because of the weather, but selfishly, I loved having her home with me.

Hung out a little with my honey too which was also very nice. I love every second we get together.

So it wasn’t all shite on V-Day I guess 🙂

Flying visit

Ohhh so much going on these days, which I’m totally not complaining about. I remember the days of moaning about how boring things were, so I will not be moaning about being too busy to blog 🙂

Just wanted to give the props to the kidlet who has scored a scholarship worth 56k over four years to Tulane University. We are both thrilled by that. Unfortunately, I don’t think Tulane will end up working out, mostly because the programs they concentrate one (medicine and law are the main ones I believe) are not areas she’s interested in. She wants to be a teacher. We’ll explore their education track but I’m not sure Tulane will be the right fit.

And I can’t believe I am actually able to say such a thing 🙂 I’m so proud of my kid.  I know I must sounds like a tedious mom always bragging on her child, but oi, it’s my blog 🙂 And she deserves mucho props.

So, encouraged as we are by Tulane’s very generous scholarship offer, she’s going to go ahead and apply for some other schools around the country, preferably ones that off good education programs, and just see what sorts of things they might offer. I think UNK down the road from here is still her top choice, but maybe the scholarship offer we just got will help us sort of negotiate some more financial assistance for her there. 56K would totally cover all her costs at UNK whereas it would not at Tulane and the less she is saddled with student loans, the better.

So that’s one happy aspect of the life of Steph right now. I’m still working in this rough economy. *phew* And yes, still happily in love with the boyfriend. Unfortunately for my Twitter list, we’re sort of in that mushy, googley-eyed phase and I’m sure I’ve sickened at least half of my tweeps 🙂 Sorry guys but hey, you get to watch a beautiful love story unfold before your very eyes and how often do you get to do that 🙂 But yes, he makes me so happy and I’m just going to enjoy myself and not worry about whether I’m bugging people 🙂

Right, enough of an update for now. Will make more of an effort to keep this updated a little better in the future but if you know anything about me, I blog in spurts with the odd dry spell now and again.


Ah Christmas morning. I woke up before the kid though. She’s never been one to lay awake all night waiting for the earliest possible moment to wake me up to open pressies. She likes her sleep, even on Christmas morning 🙂 but when she did wake up, she brought me a lovely new fleece blanket she had made for me, so now I’m all wrapped up and cozy. She also made (click, click, bloody click) pancakes, so woot! 🙂

We’ll be heading to the Gs in a little bit to have Xmas lunch with them. We were going to stay in and have a day of those 80s movies, but then we got the invite so, the extravaganza will be delayed 🙂

It’s still been a weird Christmas season this year. I don’t know what it is about this year, but I just haven’t been able to really get into the swing of it. Apparently, several other folks I know have felt the same. Is it election burnout? The economy? I mean, is there a larger reason for this xmas apathy? Or is it more localized with people just sort of growing out of Christmas? Maybe for me it’s the first year in a long time when there hasn’t been a family gathering. Possibly the first year ever? I’m not sure.

Ah well, it hasn’t been wretched or anything, just… off. But I’m still a happy camper. My daughter is doing wonderful things, and is healthy, I haven’t lost anyone dear to me, my friends are doing well and celebrating many cool things, and I’m happily in love. I think I should quit overthinking everything and just enjoy the rest of the day 🙂 And so I’m off to hang with the grandparents, will speak to my sister, brother-in-law and dad later on, hopefully hang with my honey at some point, and then I can chalk this Xmas up as another lovely one.

Happy Christmas everyone.

On Xmas Day

I’m not feeling it this year. The whole Christmas thing. My family is scattered, I can’t be with everyone I love, and my TV blackout for most of the year has contributed to not being subjected to a barrage of xmas ads and feel-good shows like Charlie Brown’s Christmas and Rudolph (“I want to be a Den-tist!”). This might be a good thing, but stuff like that usually gives me the end-of-the-year warm fuzzy xmas vibe, and I’m just not getting it this year.

Ah well. So in the spirit of not feeling like it’s Christmas time, Shannon and I are going to spend Xmas day watching 80s movies. A Festival of Legwarmers and Frankie Say Relax shirts, if you will 🙂

So far on tap, we’ve got:

Dudes – a cheesy fave of mine

Night of the Comet – yet another fave, featuring zombies and epic shopping.

Terminator – because 80s movies don’t get any better than this.

Breakfast Club – Shannon’s request.

And that’s all I’ve thought up. Could use some recommendations though 🙂 We’re just watching stuff I already have on hand because I hate going to Blockbuster. So here’s a list of movies I have. Tell me in comments, or tweet at me what I should add. Thanks for your help 😀

Tidying up the mess :)

Going to be reworking this blog a bit. It was time to update the header and I might redo the columns a little. I think I went widget-happy 🙂

Believe it or not, this is relaxing for me, mucking about in code and photoshop, throwing things in a figurative bucket and seeing what comes out. Work’s a bit… tightly wound right now with a big redesign due in less than 2 weeks and xmas stress (everyone else is stressing. Not me. Xmas is gonna be soooo mellow this year, I can’t wait.)

Anyway can’t write much atm, but cross your fingers for decent weather Saturday so we can go to Lincs and see Jo and fam. last time we attempted it this time of year, we spent some quality time in a ditch just outside of town 🙂 If it wasn’t frowned upon these days, I would so buy a little SUV that can handle it around here. Ah well.